About us

Mission Statement

The Caring Kitchen is an outreach ministry of the Champaign County Community. Its ministry is based on the Bible and motivated by the Love of God. The primary purpose for which it is formed is to be an advocate for and to provide services without discriminating to people in need. This includes the following:

  • To operate a soup kitchen where everyone is welcomed to come in and enjoy a good, hot, balanced meal.
  • To operate a food pantry for those in need.
  • To operate an emergency shelter for those with no place to stay.
  • To distribute donated, used clothing and furniture to those in need.
  • To provide such additional services that are consistent with the primary purpose.


Cindy Gilbert

Assistant Director

Marilyn Cohn

Board of Directors

Brett Baker - President
Donna Flora - Vice President
Steve Hess Ed Bristoll Robert Ward G. S. Weithman Dale Staudter
Leslie Jefferis Chris Livingston Archer Thomas Mark Miller  

The Board of Directors meet bi-monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month January through December.


Carl & Nedra Gordon